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Home is where the heart is… And German Roaches would agree. Because they LOVE living in homes with us! In fact German Roach infestations almost always start in kitchens and bathrooms because they NEED hydration.

This is the SCARY Roach {German Roaches give all roaches the bad reputation they’re known for!} Not only are they the most complicated roaches to eliminate, {Don’t try a DIY approach for German Roaches… You’ll waist money, time, and get very frustrated!} but they LOVE to infest kitchens, and spread germs making people SICK!

Providing Specialized German Roach Control for restaurants & homes. German Roaches are a COMMON invader to restaurants, markets, hospitals, & homes. Because they reproduce SO much FASTER, they require a more frequent & specialized treatment. German Roach infestations usually start from infested shipped goods & packaging.

German Roaches need an “Insect Growth Regulator” to stop the reproductive cycle. Without this German Roach numbers just EXPLODE! Because of their RAPID reproductive rate, Pest Control treatments are more frequent.

  • They are common in cardboard box packaging, and on shipped goods. German Cockroaches can also crawl right onto you, in an infested home or restaurant, and be brought home with you.
  • Adult FEMALE German Roaches can be FERTILIZED just 1ce, and reproduces the REST of her LIFE! German Cockroaches reproduce QUICKLY, almost like an explosion!! Every female German Roach can produce 5-8 egg sacks with 30-40 eggs inside. German Roach eggs can HATCH in ONLY 50-60 days! Unfortunately for us Arizonans, roaches do best in WARM and a bit humid conditions. SCARY, but true. Because roaches are active at night, spotting one of these little nightmares during the day is a sign of a MUCH bigger problem!
  • Adults measure 1/2″ – 5/8″ long.
  • Color is light brown to Tan, and they have two dark paralleled lines running down the back side of their heads.
  • German Roaches rarely fly.