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Oriental Cockroaches (sometimes called a water bug) are easily controlled with regular pest control treatments. Oriental Cockroaches do live in our yards, and can also infest inside homes. These roaches need water, and infest sewer drains, and love damp cool areas.

  • Adult males are about 1″ & adult females are 1 1/4″ long.
  • Color is shiny black (color may vary to a dark reddish brown)
  • Male wings cover 75% of their body.
  • Female wings are much smaller and like in the picture above look more like wing pads.
  • Adult Oriental Roaches DO NOT fly.
  • Oriental Roaches live outside.
  • They like to be under debris, rocks, and in wall/porch voids.
  • Oriental Roaches can survive long periods of freezing weather.
  • Enter homes/building through: old door sweeps, under sliding glass doors, on utility pipes, on air ducts, & through floor drains.
  • Oriental Roaches have a strong “Roachy” odor.
  • They feed on filth, and decaying matter.