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How to get rid of cockroaches. There are a lot of methods that people can use to get rid of cockroaches. The problem is that cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill and just two of them can create a lot more. Generally speaking, if you see a couple of cockroaches, there are probably a lot more and they are very good at hiding.

The cockroach control professionals that have been trained to locate where roach infestations originate. We find the nests, remove them and provide methods for you to prevent cockroaches from returning.

Check cabinets for dry goods that may have spilled, especially into the edges.

Grains such as rice or quinoa often spill out of small holes in their packaging.

Cockroaches like to travel along the edges of walls, so these spilled items may be right in their path.

DIY Cockroach Control

You may decide to try to get rid of cockroaches on your own using DIY products. Although DIY products may appear to offer some immediate control of visible adult cockroaches, they often cannot promise a long-term solution.

If a DIY cockroach control treatment is not thorough, cockroach eggs can survive and hatch after one or two months. To control a cockroach infestation effectively, you have to treat nesting/hiding areas as well, to avoid re-infestation. We pest specialists know just where to find these hiding areas and can help you get on your way to being roach-free.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments

Cockroaches like to hide in the midst of clutter, so avoid storing paper bags or newspapers in your cabinets or near the floor. Piles of laundry could also be at risk of harboring this pest. If you notice a leak or deteriorating grout, bring it to your landlord’s attention. Cockroaches are attracted to sources of moisture.

If you are seeing roaches in your apartment, make your building manager or landlord aware of the problem. Other units could be experiencing similar problems, and the building manager will have to take building-wide action. If the cockroaches in your apartment are eliminated, but still remain in the building, your problem will only come back. Be wary of using DIY cockroach control methods such as “bug bombs” in apartments, as the chemicals could spill out into other units. It is best to call in the professionals to get rid of cockroaches, especially in a multi-unit building.